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High risk Obstetrics
Welcome to IBU Care Aesthetic Gynaecology, Laser & Obstetrics Clinic, a haven where the art of aesthetics meets the complexities of high-risk obstetrics under the expert guidance of Dr. K Shilpi Reddy. Our clinic is committed to providing comprehensive care for high-risk pregnancies, ensuring the safety, well-being, and aesthetic considerations of both mother and baby.

About Dr. K Shilpi Reddy:

Dr. K Shilpi Reddy is a renowned name in the field of gynaecology, known for her expertise in aesthetic gynaecology, obstetrics, and reproductive health. With a dedication to patient care and extensive experience, Dr. Reddy leads our team in providing specialized care for high-risk obstetrics cases.

Our Approach to High-Risk Obstetrics Care:

At IBU Care, we understand that high-risk pregnancies require a unique blend of medical expertise, emotional support, and aesthetic considerations. Our approach is grounded in providing mothers with a comprehensive and holistic experience throughout their high-risk pregnancy journey. Our services encompass:

Specialized Monitoring:

We offer rigorous monitoring and advanced diagnostics to closely track the progress of high-risk pregnancies, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby.

Medical Expertise:

Our skilled team, led by Dr. K Shilpi Reddy, specializes in managing high-risk obstetrics cases, providing the highest level of medical care and attention.

Emotional Support:

High-risk pregnancies can bring about a range of emotions. Our counselors provide a supportive space for mothers to discuss their feelings, fears, and hopes.

Personalized Care:

We recognize that every high-risk pregnancy is unique. Our care plans are tailored to each individual case, addressing specific medical needs and aesthetic considerations.

Aesthetic Well-being:

Dr. Reddy’s expertise in aesthetic gynaecology ensures that even in high-risk situations, mothers can maintain their sense of beauty and confidence.

Comprehensive Planning:

We work closely with mothers to create a comprehensive birth plan that considers medical needs, delivery preferences, and aesthetic goals.

Postnatal Care:

Our care extends beyond delivery. We provide postnatal support to ensure a smooth transition for both mother and baby.

Why Choose IBU Care for High-Risk Obstetrics:


Dr. K Shilpi Reddy’s expertise guarantees the highest quality of high-risk obstetrics care.

Holistic Approach:

Our approach addresses medical, emotional, and aesthetic aspects, ensuring a well-rounded and personalized experience.

Safety and Confidence:

We prioritize the safety and confidence of mothers in high-risk situations.

Aesthetic Integration:

Dr. Reddy’s expertise in aesthetic gynaecology offers a unique dimension to our care.
IBU Care Aesthetic Gynaecology, Laser & Obstetrics Clinic is honored to provide comprehensive care for high-risk pregnancies, combining medical excellence with aesthetic considerations. With Dr. K Shilpi Reddy and her skilled team by your side, every step of your high-risk pregnancy journey is met with the utmost care, expertise, and aesthetic sensitivity. Let us be your support as you navigate this extraordinary chapter of your life.