MRS MOM Event 2023​

Pregnancy is a transformative stage in a woman’s life, and the Mrs. Mom event marks and celebrates this exceptional moment. The event ‘’Mrs. Mom 2023’’ took place at the four vivacious cities, namely Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Vizag. The program moved away from the traditional and brought a novel mix of educational, entertaining and engaging

For 2023 Mrs. Mom 2023 was an event, but moreover, an experience, which embraced the complete body and soul of pregnancy as well as of a child’s upbringing. The event targeted from expert sessions on prenatal health towards interactive workshops on postnatal care towards equipping parents with the knowledge and support necessary for their forthcoming journey into parenthood. The idea of designer babies provided one of the main highlights during Mrs. Mom 2023. Famous specialists of genetics and reproductive science throw a light on the current technologies that grant parents to select intelligently their way of parenting and shape a good future with their little ones.
Mrs. Mom 2023 acknowledged that fathers are also part of those pregnancy happenings. It was an enjoyable occasion with exciting games where men were actively involved during pregnancy. A birth day fair covered by birthing and baby care workshops was conducted to develop relationships among couples and equip them for togetherness and parenting in future.

Healthy and Happy Pregnancy: A Guiding Light:
It is crucial that an expectant woman ensures physical and mental hygiene throughout her pregnancy period. The organization held yoga and meditation meetings, lectured about proper nutrition and prepared special fitness programs for expectant mothers called Mrs. Mom 2023. The holistic health approach was a key element in the event, creating an encouraging atmosphere for pregnancy.
It is worth noting that the event of Mrs. Mom 2023 took the pregnancy event industry to a new level. The event integrated education, entertainment, and inclusivity thereby over-exceeding expectations and arming couples with necessary items for a happy and healthy pregnancy. With the prospect of the future, Mrs. Mom is a yardstick in events celebrating the beauty of pregnancy and preparing couples for the incredible experience of parenthood. This is to the trip of a lifetime – the trip of parenting!